Last Minute Musings

Imagine this: its a nice Sunday, and you have plans to visit the local spa salon to relax when suddenly, you received a text message from your parents that the family is going to have lunch now.

How would you feel? Disappointed? Frustrated? Well for me, I will definitely feel very annoyed and pissed. I am the kind of person that like to heed about my daily routine as I have planned and I absolutely hate last minute sudden change of plans or information given.

People have to get this when it comes to me: I will be more willing to adapt to the changes if I was informed at least 2-5 days prior to the event. I need time to prepare myself for the changes, and I am definitely not the type who is able to adapt to sudden changes very well. 

I have 2 reasons why I hate that last minute plans/changes:

  1. I have a life. 
    As I have mentioned before, I go about my day with plans and schedule in mind. A sudden change in plan will disrupt my plans, and it will unsettle me and I will get frustrated seeming that my life is not in my grasp of control. I may have plans with other friends (that I have not met in a while) or even work, or family gatherings. All because of a certain person’s inability to be considerate and responsible, am I suppose to give up my plans that I have been planning for quite a while to make time for that person? It is unreasonable.
  2. Selfishness.
    People who keeps doing last minute things will make it into a bad habit to change appointment at the eleventh hour, study for their examinations the night before or even the morning itself. This irks me even more, because of the person’s selfishness to inform me early, I have to push all my plans back just to make time for that particular person, it is just annoying and selfish.

Normally, whenever someone does the last minute thing with me I will try to tolerate it because of some unknown reason the other party have that affected them. But if it is done too often, I will feel insulted and feel that the other party is not respecting me. 

In short, just don’t try it on me.


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