I have this problem. The problem of procrastination. I have been struggling with the problem for quite some times. Actually, scratch that. I have this problem ever since I could remember.
The delights of procrastination, you enjoy now and suffer later. This is the trap that I have always managed to fall into, all the damn time.

So right now at 1:30 AM into the morning, here I am sitting down struggling to cram a semester worth of important information that might be tested tomorrow.
WHO AM I KIDDING. Most likely everything from the module manual will be tested as it is a 100 mark paper. I can only regret but nobody aint got time for that. It is a struggle now, trying to cram every bloody thing  in.

I understand nothing.

I understand nothing.

So it is currently a hopeful struggle for me. Me against the flow of words and information, oh factual information. I always tell myself after every examination, that I will start revision as early as possible, most likely the first day of school.

Hey, who am I kidding. I will just fall into the continuous trap of procrastination. It is difficult to get out of a bad habit, let alone a bad habit that I have been unconsciously (I swear its unconsciously) cultivating.


My life is a joke right now. Pray hard for my safety for my paper later on this afternoon. I need it.


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