Negative Vibes on School

School used to be a touchy issue for me when I was in Primary School. I absolutely dreaded attending school, especially having to meet my personal bullies in class. The torture of having to sit in the same room as them for a minimum of 6 hours a day, it was plain torture. Just waking up, going to school is like going into the battlefield with no ammunition.

Throughout my Primary School education, it felt like I was a stranger there, a stranger that couldn’t fit in. A loser.

I didn’t made much friends in Primary School because I was alienated most of time. So when I did finally graduated after six years of trauma, I could say it was a relief.

I hated Primary School.

It wasn’t till I started attending Secondary School, when I finally felt acceptance among my peers. I actually started enjoying attending school, despite the fact that I stayed quite a far distance from my school and required long travelling time.

It was there, where I met beautiful people. The friends I made in Secondary School, we still stay in contact even till now (who am I kidding, I only graduated from Secondary School nine months back). My closest friends have been always so supportive of my decision, and so understanding. It is a blessing to be able to meet them. 

When it was time for graduation day, it was a very solemn affair for me. The thought of having to attend another school without their company, it really crushed me. 

Now, I thought attend lectures in polytechnic would be a chore for me. I really hated change, especially after being so comfortable in the old environment, attending polytechnic was terrifying.

The polytechnic I attended, its campus is big. Big and intimidating. The hallways are always crowded with students, rushing about to their next lecture room, or just taking a stroll with their clique to the canteens. The very essence of the polytechnic are the students. The fact that I am not really that tall, I felt more intimidated and terrified of school. Thank god, I have my childhood friend, Joyce accompanying me on the first day of school. Funny story, both of us managed to enter the same course, and are in the same class too. Honestly, without her, I would have been in my security shell for quite some time.

However, I enjoy attend lectures now. My class is a fun bunch of people, lively and dynamic. There is never a dull moment with them. The course I am studying now? Most of the lectures are interesting, and very rewarding. The lecturers are very engaging, and interesting. I really do enjoy going to school now. 

I think the only thing I hate about being a student in polytechnic would be the clothings. We don’t have any standard uniform, and that is a problem for me. I hate waking up a few minutes earlier just to decide what to wear. IT IS A PAIN IN THE ASS. I rather have the extra few minutes to snooze, then spend my time choosing my outfit. 😡

Looking back, I realised how foolish I was in Primary School, letting those negativity vibes affect me. What could have been the best six years of my life became my worst. Now, I try to take things in my stride, and look on the positive side. Who needs negativity to bring them down? Definitely not me. 

So what does school means to you?


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