Deja Tri-Vu

The last blog post I made was way back in August where my semestral was about to start – I think. So my schedule ever since then has been so mumbo-jumbo to ever get me started on a proper blog post.

Oh trust me, I have quite a couple few posts in the draft section but I am too overprotective over them to ever see them published. Maybe one day I will be able to let go, who knows.

Before I go on, I would like to make this known that I may have started switching phone blogging, like what I am doing at the very moment. I have been trying my best to not write out a post on the mobile app – trust me I have tried very hard, but my busy-ness has gotten to me so yea. Now that is for another post on another day. Back to point;

The past 3 months has been a little hetic. Went for 3 debate competition – oh well, 2 as speakers, 1 as reserve. Been through hell for semestral and GPA result. Not to forget, I also sat for my Piano Grade 8 exam and also recieved the result. Was in the planning committee for Prospect Camp and in-charge of CIE Day. Oh and school plus part time work. Simply a packed activity filled 3 months.

I participated in NTU PROAMS. Went for it together with Jia Yi and totally crashed and burned our way through. The AMS team were not amature at all, it feels as if we were at the bottom of the ladder. But this competition definitely has boosted my speaking confidence way up high 👌👍
Next was INTERPOLYS which I went in as reserve. Had fun making friends with Diane from DDI and enjoyed my time listening to people debate and make fun of some – seceretly of course aha.
After that (and the most recent) was EU DEBATES. Went in together with Jia Yi and Syerifa. Despite the fact that we lost all the rounds due to weird and stupid reasons, the fact that Syerifa was the 8th best speaker of the series and I was the 5th best speaker of the series really made the whole expeirence exciting. Honestly, this was the most relaxed debate competition I have been to ever.


TEAMMATES (from left to right) Deanna, Syerifa, Jia Yi



The next upcoming competition is SMUDO, and am looking forward to it.

Oh don’t get me started. Semestral was a torture, the exam sitting routine? It sucks. Whoever said polytechnic life is easier – THIS IS A LIE. I ALMOST DIED. GPA result was pretty decent tho 💪

Spent most of my holiday planning away for CIE DAY and prospect. CIE Day was a headache for me – I had to settle so many stuff and the deadlines were crazy. The amount of emails and meetings, and to add on clinicals. Thank god I survived and I have to thank my buddy Atiqah 😘♡
Prospect was another huge headache for me, had to meet up with the incharge from other course (SW AND NR) to plan and finalise via dry run. The whole expeirence was fun and rewarding too.



Sat for my Grade 8 exam and got it over and done with. I seriously screwed up my pieces and was expecting to fail but got a shock of my life when the result came out. I passed ny a 1 mark margin. HOLY COWS. I was in shock.

So yea, that’s what I have been up to for the past 3 months. I will update more often since now I have the wordpress application heh. I promise more quality and interesting post after this – I know how boring life update post can  be.

Ciao x


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