The Mirror

If I could, I would like to be a mirror – or to be more exact, I want to have my own mirror, my very own story to tell.

I often like to think that a person’s life is like a mirror, you are who you mould yourself into. (yes, cliché phrases like you are what you eat applies too). The mirror will never lie, no matter how many make up you put, how much concealer you apply, the mirror will still reflect you – someone who has to hide behind all of the flaws. Definitely there will be cracks in the mirror, the only difference is how you react to these cracks.

Some tend to treat the cracks in the mirror as an imperfection, a major flaw. Whereas for me, I view such cracks as the process of picking myself up together. Sure, we humans tend to make mistakes. What makes each individual so different is how he or she react to such mistakes. Some may just totally lament about how their life sucks and how they got the short end of the straw, and some just learn from such mistakes, and pick themselves up no matter how slow the process is. Whatever way it is, what I value the most would be the process, or rather literally the process of picking your own shit up.

Sure, the mirror may crack over and over again, but in the end, I’d like to think that relationships are like mirrors too, it’s the effort each party is willing to chip in to glue back each pieces. No matter how destroyed the mirror may be, but I strongly believe that the story at the end of the process is worth it. The many moments and memories to be made, its exhilarating.

At the end of the day, it’s the effort you put in to glue the mirror pieces matters more than the whole appearance of the mirror. Each mirror has its own story to tell, and one day I hope that I have mine to tell. What is your story?


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