Bandwagon of Opinions

When I started blogging, I did not set out with any big lofty goals – especially changes. What I wanted out from blogging was the mere joy in being able to express what I wanted to (even though I am still having difficulty in doing so). However, the more I write the more I really do hope that someone out there has read any of my entries. I realised that opinions really do matter no matter how small or insignificant you may think you are. Likewise with the post I have written back in August about Negative Vibes on School, or even to the very first post I have written on this blog, about E-mail Appreciation. I never used to write post like that until I realised the importance of opinions. That opinions really do matter.

Being realistic, I do know that my opinions may never reach to the wider audience out there, but what I really do hope my opinions will do is to at least invoke anyone who is reading my post to start thinking about their own opinions. That I realised how much muted many people’s voices are in this generation, that some of them just jump into the bandwagon of “trendy opinions” without really thinking about where they stand. What I truly want is for people to be genuine to themselves.

No matter how many opinions out there is against yours, are you willing to find your own voice?


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