Recently, I was in a way “grounded” by my parents from attending debate training because “I come home late” every time, and something bad might happen to me, so I have to be home by 10PM everyday. When they meant late, they meant me coming home around 11PM. Well, I would be fine with this but I am not happy with this. I have really learned to love the CCA (despite not having much practice 😐 )

My parents would allow my sister and brother to attend their extra CCA lesson held in the night, and they always will reach home around 11PM, 12AM. Guess what, they are fine with it. The worse part? Both of them are 16 and 13 y/o, and yet they are more worried about my safety rather than theirs, which makes no sense to me. I really felt that they hate my CCA rather than being concerned for my well being. If they are really concerned, they would have also made them stop going for these extra CCA lessons. Not consistent at all.  

S o    n o t    c o o l.

I guess that has been on my mind the last few weeks THAT HAS BEEN BUGGING ME SO BADLY.

The truth? It hurts that my parents don’t support me in what I am interested in despite multi times of reassuring me they do. Maybe they do support me, but their way of doing so is definitely not a way. Instead of feeling supported, it felt like I was all alone, abandoned. lol it sounds so drama, but yeah, that’s what I felt.

So much emotions, pent up anger and frustrations, no one out there to really sit and listen. Not even the online world. I guess it all just go downhill from here.

Omg, I shouldn’t really continue, I am ranting rather than reflecting D:

On a brighter note;
Its Comic Con at San Diego and I wish I was there! 😦
It seems to be a lot of fun :-((

Ending this rather annoying rant kind of post with California Dreamin’ by Sia.


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