Under the Weather

Among the busy schedule for the past few weeks, I finally fell sick.

I guess I kind of expected it? However, it really sucks that I have to go to school for oral viva and exam papers despite felling under the weather. This time -I guess- I think I am having a sore throat. Like I remember getting really sick because of sore throat quite a couple of time 4 – 5 years back, never really recovered from the sickness for a few months straight. Hopefully I can recover faster this time round.

Another would be my emotions that is under the weather. lmao, like how can it be possible but yes, I have been feeling rather down the past few weeks. I guess the amount of work from presentations to papers really put me through a whole new level of stress I never had before. Expectations for myself this time was rather high, as I really believed that I could do well. I guess, I stress/worry myself out too much. I can really feel the toll on me, getting really moody, snapping at people for no bloody reason. However, my hatred and other emotions amplified too. It’s as if the lid that has been clamped on so tightly on the pot of boiling water has started to loosened and the scalding water threatened to spill out any moment. Its bad to keep such hatred and anger to oneself, but its the kind that once people know about it, it will get worse. I guess its time to find alternative way to cool the boiling water, or at least keep the lid on tightly and hold on.

I just need to hold on.


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