Semestral Exams are finally over, and I feel that I can finally breathe better. *laughs*

I really can’t wait to share a new project idea which I will share with y’all in the next post. Back to this, relief.

I guess it has been a rather turbulent one semester so far, with me isolating myself to actually entering clinics. However, it has been the most fulfilling one semester so far. I have learned way many valuable lessons. I would actually say its a huge load off my shoulders ever since this semester ended a few days ago.

I have learnt that sometimes, its alright being alone. It is not necessary to be constantly “surrounded” by people, either physically or virtually. That sometimes, being alone helps with looking at things in another perspective. Sometimes, self-discovery happens. Nevertheless, I have slowly adapted to detach myself. It may sound like an anti-social thing to do, but from someone needing people around me all the time? It’s a rather decent thing to do for myself. I guess.

I have learnt that friends doesn’t need to be the one there all time. Rather, friends who stay through all the shitty times are the keepers. Despite being the one who look dense in class, and the one who often get used by people whom I called friends, I think this is by far the toughest lesson for me. I took those who has been with me, talking to me 24/7 as my close friends who turned out to be nothing but people who use each other. It scared me at first, to see that the dog eat dog world outside has a place in school. Later on during the semester, I learned priority. That placing such people at the top few priority spot is stupid. Tough lesson, but a necessary one.

Still, procrastination is a huge problem for me when it comes to exams, but at least this semester I managed to start studies at lest a few days before. It’s an improvement. Happy, but not proud.

This semester? A tough one.

Next semester? I plan to enjoy what life gives me. I expect more turbulence. This time, I am going to enjoy the ride.


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