The past few months have been crazy for me – clinicals and debates. Supposedly I had to give up on debates due to the very very hectic schedule but I refuse to. So yeah, had to kindof balance clinicals and debate trainings and the reading up of materials (both clinics and debates). Despite the busy schedule, at least I managed to get back into the habit of reading again, so 🙂

Its not fun tho, especially when there have been people who constantly questions my choice of trying to balance both, to the point that I will feel so distraught and angry that I would be on the brink of shoving red hot chili down their throats. So helpful.

I guess its all starting to calm down because its nearing the end of the Semester. Gonna have my break soon (after Chinese New Year). Am hoping to have more time for shows, games and definitely more manga.

All that aside, I am afraid of this person. Not say afraid like scared, but more of afraid of talking to this person. Nope, not a crush but more of someone of authority. Wondering on how to convince that person to allow me to do what I want to do so badly, but that said person have a habit of making someone to do something that they don’t like subtlety. Any suggestions on how I could tackle her head on? Hoping that it all goes well with the person.

Well, I guess I need to find a new pointer in life, as my current one is like dying out. Recontract? Not so sure anymore.

Cya next time when I write here again :’)



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